VodeOX International products are marketed by: TeamVinh.com International, which is the exclusive marketing company for VodeOX International.

The Mission of VodeOX International is to improve the lives of individuals through effective and distinguished products. Since the holiday season of 2015, The VodeOX EMR protection product is the first of several distinguished products to be rolled out.

EMR test results were conducted by the: Shanghai Institute of Measurement & Testing Technology at the Eastern China National Measurement & Test Center. Test report serial number: 2008F05-60-000242. Test frequency results start at 10hz, 30hz, 100hz, 300hz, 1000hz, 3000hz – all with 99.999% effectiveness in terms of harmful radiation reduction.

The Live Test Demonstration Video was conducted in the State of Nevada, United States Of America. You can view this video on our Need More Proof page.

The VodeOX EMR/EMF protection product is the best solution for cell phone radiation and device protection on the market today.