As smart-devices are becoming more and more prevalent in society, WiFi signals and access to technology has also increased. It’s hard to get away from electric power devices as everything we use in our modern world uses energy to run and work. Many of us do not think twice about what we use and the source of power that is making it work. Electromagnetic waves running through all of these devices to power them can be harming you.

Cell Phone Health Risks

Studies have shown that the use of cell phones alone can create harm. The scary part is that these studies only run for a short amount of time in comparison to how long we have been using these devices. When you think about how often you use your phone and other smart devices, you probably will find that you use them frequently. It is hard for researchers to say exactly how dangerous they are since the damage may take years to fully manifest.

Through our own electromagnetic radiation frequency testing, we have seen the effects of electric devices that have harmful EMR coming out of it. By placing our VodeOX EMR protection product on your devices, you virtually eliminate all radiation that is being admitted throughout your house and from your phone.

Test results were conducted by the: Shanghai Institute of Measurement & Testing Technology at the Eastern China National Measurement & Test Center. Test report serial number: 2008F05-60-000242. Test frequency results start at 10hz, 30hz, 100hz, 300hz, 1000hz, 3000hz – all with 99.999 percent effectiveness in terms of protection from harmful radiation.

Watch the short videos below and let the experts tell you themselves how dangerous your cell phone and electronic devices can be. Watch our own testing video and see for yourself why you need VodeOX International today. Do not waste any more time subjecting yourself to harmful EMR waves.

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