It Will Change Your Life For The Better

bear and rainbowWe ordered the VodeOX EMR product a couple of months ago, and Wow, what a difference it is. I, “Bear” became more confident in having my cell phone on my ear again when I talk to somebody via phone, before that, I usually have my phone at a distance and on loud speaker in a quiet place. Now I can talk to anybody at anytime, and at any place, and now know that I am protected because of the EMR product protection. Also, my headaches have lessened by 80% since I have the EMR product, plus the healing time for my body aches have became faster because the radiation along with stress and other factors in my life have been subsided due to me implementing relaxation rituals. This EMR is a game changer for sure to humanity and the world for sure. I, “Rainbow” have been having my phone on my left front pocket for many years now, and my left side of my leg have been hurting me for quite a while, but once I got the EMR product, my pain on my left leg has subsided, and I am healing faster as well. I still take measures to protect myself from the radiation of other electronics in our house, and in due time, I will order more EMR for our other devices too. I strongly urge everybody to order this product, it will change your life for the better.

Bear & Rainbow Thunder Heart - Santa Fe, NM