Thank You For Some Peace Of Mind

Mark newMy wife and I were always worried about the electronic radiation being emitted from our mobile phones and other electronic devices our family used daily. Like most families we need to use this modern technology.

With the recent research exposing the dangers of EMR we were determined to explore means of removing or minimising these harmful EMR’s. We researched and compared; in the end we decided to purchase the VodeOx EMR protection product.

The past two months I have used the VodeOx EMR protection and have found benefits that need to be experienced. The hot phone and ear after those long phone calls have gone, along with the constant end of day headaches.

I have also noticed an increase in the life of my battery charge which is good considering there is nothing worse than having a business call drop out through lack of charge. I can say that we have found the VodeOx EMR protection product an excellent choice; everything we hoped it would be.

I also want to acknowledge the quick delivery we had on our second order. Considering where we live this was impressive. The EMR product also looks good and is quite often a talking piece.

Thank you for some peace of mind.

Mark Kellert - New South Wales, Australia