1. Thank You For Helping To Keep Me Healthy

    I value my health and the Vodeox EMR protection product is supporting my intention. Easing into being relaxed around my ipod usage my VodeOX gold EMR patch. Thank you for helping to keep me healthy. I sleep more peacefully now knowing I can keep my device close to hear the alarm.…Read More

    Paloma Goldberg
  2. Thank You For Some Peace Of Mind

    My wife and I were always worried about the electronic radiation being emitted from our mobile phones and other electronic devices our family used daily. Like most families we need to use this modern technology. With the recent research exposing the dangers of EMR we were determined to explore means of removing or minimising these harmful EMR's. We researched and compared; in the end we decided to…Read More

    Mark Kellert - New South Wales, Australia
  3. Gives Me Peace Of Mind

    Realizing the danger of radiation coming from my Smartphone has bothered me in the past. I have thought of the radiation that has to be emitted and how it could be effecting me in a negative way. However, placing the Vodeox EMR protector on my Smartphone has eliminated that worry and gives me peace of mind every time I use my Smartphone.…Read More

    Al Shea - Colorado Springs, CO
  4. Now Protected From The Harmful Effects

    I recently bought 6 of the Vodeox EMR protection patches for my family’s mobile phones and laptop computers. The patches are small and very thin and were easily positioned and applied to the back of the phones and computers as per the packaging instructions, the patches also look great. I am very pleased with the EMR patches that I bought but more importantly I know my family and I are now prote…Read More

    Gavin Little - Chesire, United Kingdom
  5. It Will Change Your Life For The Better

    We ordered the VodeOX EMR product a couple of months ago, and Wow, what a difference it is. I, "Bear" became more confident in having my cell phone on my ear again when I talk to somebody via phone, before that, I usually have my phone at a distance and on loud speaker in a quiet place. Now I can talk to anybody at anytime, and at any place, and now know that I am protected because of the EMR prod…Read More

    Bear & Rainbow Thunder Heart - Santa Fe, NM
  6. Very Happy!!

    When I was researching about EMRs, I was actually not surprised to learn about its health concerns. My family are frequent smart phone users. So I was very happy for the existence of the VodeOX EMR Product!  To know I can have a great protection against EMRs gave me such a good feeling. I Immediately bought several units for my family. And now I can make phone calls without much worries. Sometime…Read More

    Gabriel Mueller-Hotop - Italy
  7. Protecting My Family

    Although I haven't experienced any inconveniences yet from mobile/cell phones or computer usage, I feel this is a cheap insurance policy to pay to protect my family, and especially my three children from this health risk.…Read More

    Levy Oen - Etne, Norway