Understanding Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

This radiation is emitted through electromagnetic fields that are invisible. Because they send electrical and magnetic forces running through anything with an electrical current, this radiation courses through any and all appliances that have electrical charges such as iPads, cell phones, tablets, and laptops. These charges can produce harmful side effects that many are blind to when it comes to their smart devices and technology.

The EMR that is emitted is essentially heating the brain and frankly “cooking” it as you are using your devices, and cell phone electromagnetic radiation is particularly dangerous because you are placing the device near your head. Although everyone can be affected, children are at the highest risk because their bodies and skulls are still developing, so electromagnetic radiation can more deeply penetrate their brains and bodies, causing more harm. In addition, while we all use cell phones and electronic devices, children are starting younger and younger, meaning they are exposed to the radiation for more of their lives.

The Danger of Mobile Phone Radiation

According to a recent article published by CNN, the radiation released from your cell phone and other devices while using them could cause cancer and other harmful illnesses. Through studies, there has been evidence linking cell phone use to glioma and brain cancer.

You may not know this, but many household items create electromagnetic radiation waves. Mobile phones, cordless phones, laptops, WiFi routers, televisions, microwaves, induction cookers, hair dryers, and others all carry the risk of overexposing you to dangerous radiation. These waves are harmful to the human body mainly due to the positive ions within the waves, which interact negatively with organic matter.

How VodeOX EMR Helps

The VodeOX EMR patch helps reduce risk from the positive ions up to 99.9 percent.

With the VodeOX EMR patch producing as much “anions” (a negatively charged ion) as your devices are producing harmful positive ions, these anions can neutralize the radiation so the radiation will no longer be strong enough to penetrate human skin.

In this way, VodeOX International has created the best anti-electromagnetic radiation product to protect you and your family from these dangerous waves. With our EMR patch, you can significantly decrease the radiation waves produced by your devices, thus enhancing your life and protecting yourself. Designed as a small patch, the EMR neutralizer simply peels off from its backing and adheres to the back of any of your electronic devices. It is hardly noticeable, almost as thin as a piece of paper, and will not add any extra weight to your belongings.

With our device, you have approximately 675 beneficial anions working 24/7 to neutralize and protect you from the harmful positive ions radiating from electronic devices.

There is no reason that you should continue to use your smartphone and computers without giving yourself the protection you need from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Order yours now! Every day you go without protection, you are putting yourself and your family at risk for serious illnesses. Block harmful EMR with a product you can trust.