VodeOX International’s product has been tested and proven to be 99.99% effective against harmful radiation frequency waves. When compared to other EMR products, our product offers the best protection that is available on the market today.

When compared to other EMR products that are out there, Vodeox International has created the best there is to offeinner-page-first-imager. We have put our heart into the development of our product as to deliver our customers with a product that truly does work. Our commitment to you is our main priority; we want to provide you with the best so you never have to worry again about what your cell phone may be doing to your body.

We pride ourselves not only on the effectiveness of our product, but also the style, shape, and look of it too. It is as thin as a piece of paper and will fit under any cell phone case or adhere to any device with ease. No matter what devices you have, our product will help reduce the harmful radiative frequency that you are subjected to when using an electronic device.

inner-page-second-imageStudies have shown significant changes in brain activity when using a cell phone. The VodeOX EMR Protection helps to minimize this change. While on your phone, our product helps to minimize your risks and was developed to minimize your exposure to any amount of radiation the brain and the body may be exposed to during cell phone or computer use.